Search for companies to cluster

Cluster of general machinering companies is the result of search companies for the establishment of the cluster, conducted under a mandate from the Council of the South Bohemian region by UNIS – STROJ Inc.  and the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The project was a questionnaire survey interviewed 296 potential cluster members ( engineering companies from the Southwest region ) , of which 182 have expressed interest in information about the project and issue clusters and 23 of these companies subsequently joined the project . Significant contribution to the establishment of the cluster was to establish close cooperation with the emerging cluster Energocentrum , representing mainly engineering companies focused on the production of heating technology in the Southeast region . Cooperation was completed in 2008 by combining the two projects into clusters of engineering, whose managing member became CGMC, cooperative.

For the formation of these clusters were approved following objectives:

  • Supporting systematic development of human resources.
  • Supporting the development and use of information technology.
  • Promoting exports and achieve international competitiveness cluster members.
  • Support and coordinate the cooperation of cluster members.

Number of members: 23

The project was implemented in 2009 under the OPPP, program Clusters – Search .

The project is completed.